Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Why do short weeks always seem so long?

2. I really think I would be good at darts if I'd just buy a dartboard and practice a little. I also feel the same way about pingpong. I don't know why.

3. I couldn't resist this cute new mug:

4. Speaking of cute, my little guy has been using the Endless Numbers and Endless Letters apps and it's been helping him on his talking and sounds. He loves it! He gets twenty or so minutes a night of screen time after his bath and he takes the whole thing very seriously. I sit there with him, so I don't necessarily feel like I'm pawning him off on the iPad.

5. This inner-monologue from the new Target employee was the best. I love the old man who bought Mountain Dew and thought he'd get drunk. 

6. I rediscovered the Garden State soundtrack on Spotify and it took me back to a much simpler time...

7. I love this littly bunny in glasses so much I think I might buy it. For Sawyer, of course, since buying a over-priced stuffed animal for myself would be ridiculous. 

8. Sometimes, it doesn't hurt to ask- I accidentally bought $50 worth of LACMA tickets for the new Guillermo del Toro exhibit for a day we're supposed to be in San Diego. I bought new ones for the right day and then noticed that they don't do exchanges or refunds, meaning I was probably out a nice chunk of change. I decided to explain the situation anyway, and the nice folks at the LA County Museum of Art were nice to enough to credit my account. That sort of stuff rarely happens to me! I took it as a good sign.

9. Do yourself a favor and make these super-easy open-faced sandwich thingies. It's super simple- smear some guacamole on naan bread (or pita!) , top with a little bit of mozzarella and then a friend egg or two. I could eat them everyday. 

10. I love looking at the Burning Man posts on Instagram. I won't even pretend that I'd like to go, or that I would have ever- I am way too into not being filthy and enjoying luxuries such as running water. But, I still love the basic idea of people doing whatever the hell they want and being good to each other with some art. 


  1. That mug is really cute! =D

    That's great about #4. It's great how many apps there are these days for learning...

    Ahhhh re: #6. I haven't listened to that soundtrack in years but that definitely second year of undergrad? Thereabouts? I remember it being on repeat for quite a while...

    That open-faced sandwich looks good...

  2. That egg sandwich looks so yummy! I need to add the naan bread to my grocery list right now.

  3. Cute mug...and yummy egg sandwich! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is a super cute mug! I also wanted to tell you that I really enjoy doing these posts and this has helped me keep up my blogging more actively, so thank you. :)

  5. I have that same mug! Except it really smells now. I wash it after every use, but I can never figure out how to clean in the lid where the slidey bit is and in the actual hole where the drink comes through, so it's a bit gross in there now. I think I just need to get a new one.

  6. Those little egg thingies look delicious! Reminds me of a combo of avocado toast and eggs a healthier way!

  7. Ohh I'm going to have to check those apps out! I don't have anything on the iPad for Sully but he loves just scrolling though pictures on it lol. The Garden State soundtrack is one of my all time favourites! I even still own a copy of it on CD :)