When I Feel Like an Accomplished Adult

When I pick up my dry cleaning. And am caught up on laundry. 

When I go to Costco, Home Depot, or the post office. Interestingly, I also feel an intense rage when I go any of these places. 

When I tip extra. Or when I'm able to treat someone to a meal.

When I take the high road and not tell someone what an annoying pain the ass they're being. See also: not telling someone they're stupid, a whiner, or are simply wrong about life. 

When I fix something or put something together. Basically, when I successfully use a screwdriver. 

When I tell some stupid door-to-door salesperson that yes, thank you, I am the home owner, and have been for FIVE years, when they ask doubtfully. 

When I take my son to the doctor. I made this thing and making sure it stays in one piece. 

When I say things like "we'll have to get an estimate" or "is it tax-deductible."

When I eat ice cream for dinner. 

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