Labor Day Weekend

 Oh, what a difference a ten-fifteen temperature drop makes, as well as an extra day off. This weekend has seriously been the best. Like, nearing perfection, so obviously I need to commemorate the greatness. 

There have been friends- Sawyer and I met up with a good friend for breakfast and park time in Claremont, which is just the cutest little city. I also got to visit with another friend later that day and made some plans to meet up with people soon. Sometimes I'm envious of people who are content being hermits, but I like to maintain my friendships and be out and about at least most weekends every month.

There has been family time- the three of us walked around the duck pond, went to the park, ran some errands, and have just generally hung out. Sawyer is learning how to play hide-and-go-seek, which is hilarious, and his sticker obsession is still going strong. Scott and I finally finished the last episode of the last season of Mad Men, too. 

There has been so much outside time- Three different parks, the duck pond, two dog walks, three Sawyer walks, and some time in the backyard. This weather makes me so very happy.

There has been food- I am on an acai bowl kick right now and had two just this weekend. They're just so good! I also finally got the bagel I've been craving for days (I can't keep them in the house, or I'll eat one a day...), baked some chocolate-chip caramel bars for us and my sister-in-law's family with Sawyer, and have consumed gallons of coffee. There also might have been a milkshake for dinner Friday night... Plus some chicken parm and these delicious flat-bread sandwiches I've concocted. Oh, and possibly a tiny bit of wine at some point... Do you see why I work out so much now? 

There has been exercise- The walks I mentioned, plus a forty minute treadmill jog/incline walk/sprinting interval workout, and yoga. And my "do planks every day" goal is going strong. The more I work out the happier I am. 

There has been time to myself- Reading during Sawyer's nap, work outs, and even a pedicure. I was able to get through almost two-hundred pages of the Donna Tartt book I'm reading, and started I Am Malala, too, since I need something I can read in smaller bursts when things are hectic. And, the crowning glory of it all, I even went to Target alone. Sawyer is great in stores, but it's good to not have to deal with the car seat sometimes. 

There has been domestic and work productivity- Blah blah blah.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! How many days until the next holiday? 

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  1. Two Acai bowls in one weekend? That has to cancel the bagel we ate, no?