Bullet Journaling

I really, really like lists. And notebooks. And goals. And stationary supplies. And having hobbies. 

So, obviously, bullet journaling is probably for me. Well, at least... maybe? I think?

So, you ask, what is bullet journaling? Or maybe you know and I'm the last person around to figure it out. It's quite possible. 

I'm not really sure, actually. But from what I can gather, it's for people that like lists, notebooks, making goals, buying stationary supplies, and subjecting themselves to new hobbies. 

I also gather that is requires some creativity and possible artistic talent, which might be a problem, because I don't have a lot of that going on when it comes to visuals. I'm ignoring that project-terminating threat for now. 

I first heard of bullet journaling months ago and sort of added it my list if "figure out what this is later" list, but didn't get around to it in a timely fashion. The video I watched of it on the actual website confused me and I left it at that. But, then more and more bloggers I read started singing the praises of this mysterious bullet journaling, so I did what any other thirty-something-year-old woman would do: I searched it on Pinterest. 

So, from what I can gather, bullet journaling is basically the pretty way to get your shit together, whatever you consider your shit to be. Some people make it their end-all-be-all one-stop-shop organizational hub. It's every appointment, every grocery list, every fitness goal, and every last sock they plan on packing for their trip to Montreal. For some, it's more about inspiration and self-improvement. 

For me, I have no plans of abandoning my physical daily planner that I live and die by, nor my personal journal that I say mean things about people in or my to-do list pads. But instead I want to stop leaving this horribly unorganized trail of iPhone notes, piles of Post-Its, and brain clutter in my wake. I want a centralized location to plan projects, better map out blog posts, work on ideas for novels I may get around to writing one day, and whatever else my little heart desires. 

What I don't want this to be is something that takes up more time, frustrates me, or becomes a chore. I don't want to become a glorified doodle-pad or for the look of the bullet journal to become more important than the content, which I think some of the examples I've seen have had trouble with. 

I plan to organize it by month right now, which is perfect, since October is near. So, armed with the notebook itself, some fancy pens, and washi tape, I will go forth and bullet journal. We'll see how it goes! 


  1. Make sure you check back with us on how it's going! I've been very intrigued by the concept, but like you say, I don't want it to become more time consuming than a planner needs to be...or something where I'm more concerned with how pretty it looks, rather than the actual content (2 things I'm sure I would struggle with). First, I've recommitted (after not using it for several months) to finishing off the year with my erin condren planner because $$$.

  2. I've been bullet journaling for 2.5 yrs now and it's definitely been a great asset, not only for organizing my weeks, but also for being able to flip back through and remember stuff :P I'm a huge fan of organization, lists, stationary, and whatnot so I'd highly recommend it ^_^

  3. I see these everywhere, but keep feeling like all the ones I see are practically works of art and that is not exactly in my wheelhouse. I wish I could figure a way to make one work for me, but right now I can't even keep up with a line-a-day journal. Would love to see how this works out for you after you've tried it for a bit!