Top Ten Tuesday- TV

This week The Broke and the Bookish give us a sort of a TV-related freebie to write about. Personally, we canceled our satellite service a few years ago and have relied on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and my husband's purchases instead. It's much, much cheaper this way and I seldom miss having access to networks (I did during the Olympics, though!). I really, really don't watch much in general, as I don't have it on during the afternoons or evenings when I'm home from work hanging out with Sawyer and at night after he's in bed I would prefer reading, working out, or getting caught up on work. I hate excess noise! Plus I think, for me, having the TV on gives me an excuse to be lazy, and I don't want that for me or my kid. When I do watch, it's with Scott, and it's just something for us to do together. Before my son, I still watched very little, but I definitely did watch more (probably like ten hours a week then, compared to my two now). 


This isn't to say that I shun TV watching, at all (I know it sounds like it, I just don't think there's a point to spending 20 hours a week watching HGTV when I have a million things to do)! I just rather do other things and I have trouble sitting still for long stretches of time. There are several shows that I enjoy and will watch when I am on the treadmill, or cross-stitching, or with my husband. Here are ten that I either would like to catch up on, or start:

1. Downton Abbey- We are two seasons behind, but man do I love this show!

2. Sons of Anarchy- I've watched three seasons now (my husband stopped after the first) and am determined to finish the rest, in the next year or two or three.

3. The Affair- It's got Pacey in it, guys.

4. Chef's Table- I love this sort of documentary-series on Netflix on food and restaurants. It's beautiful and interesting.

5. The League- We love this show! It's hilarious. My husband has played in tons of fantasy leagues over the years and I've done hockey a time or two, so we both get it.

6. The Gilmore Girls- I'm re-watching the last season in anticipation for the upcoming episodes.

7. Grey's Anatomy- I am fully confident this show went to crap after I quit watching it (I think I'm maybe four or so seasons behind), but I am SUCH a sucker for medical shows.

8. House- Speaking of medical shows, I watched the first season or two of this one and loved it. 

9. The Sopranos- Oh man, can I be any more behind? I am fascinated my the Mafia, so the fact that I've only seen one season just doesn't make sense.

10. The Girls- I love to hate them. I really do. 

Can't wait to see what everyone else has on their list and what I'm missing out on! 


  1. Downton Abbey was my addiction for its entire run. Now I hope they revive it someday with a film just to catch up with all the wonderful characters.

    Also, Gilmore Girls is forever a favorite.

  2. Best thing about being behind on shows means you don't have to wait till they release new episodes! I'm a few seasons behind on Downton myself and really need to get back into watching it.
    And I recently rewatched Gilmore Girls just so I'd be ready for Seasons!

    And am I correct in guessing that the pacey you speak of is Pacey Witter from Dawson's? If so I need to watch The Affair!

    Great list!

    Kate @ Fictional Thoughts

  3. Great list. I was so sad when Downton Abbey ended, but at least PBS gave me Mercy Street.

  4. Amazon Prime really needs to give me more seasons of Girls besides 2. I REALLY need to know what happens.... they do such messed up stuff, I can't help but be addicted!

  5. I haven't had cable in over a decade - it was pretty painful at first, I'll admit, but now with Netflix, Hulu and the like, I hardly miss it at all!

  6. I fell off Downton midway through the 5th season. I will finish it. I will! ;)

  7. I'm watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix too. I can't be bothered watching it live so I'm on season 12. I still love it.

  8. I love Gilmore Girls!
    My ttt