Five Things About.... Real Life

1. Taylor captures Wallace’s inner rage so perfectly- his emotional imagery left no uncertainty. Honestly, I was terrified at some points that he would end his own life, not because he was weak, but because he was surrounded by such selfishness.

2. The examples of racism and homophobia, both big and small, were painful and uncomfortable, as Taylor intended. How many times have you stayed silent? I am asking myself the same and know that we have to do better. 

3. I really wish this had been a book club book, since I feel like the relationship he has with Miller needs some collaborative unpacking. I understand that they both have so much trauma to cope with from the past, but the violence scared me on Wallace’s behalf. 

4. The scientific setting was such an added bonus for me. I loved reading about the lab, his research, and academia (although his perception of the dysfunction was not exactly inviting).

5. The female characters were fascinating- the woman who seems to just want a gay friend, the woman who tries to use feminism as a weapon, the woman in power who is way too steadfast in her support of other women, and the woman who is a loyal friend.

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