Summer 2021- What I Did, What I Didn't Do

It's really summer for quite a long time, but once I go back to work it sure as hell doesn't feel like it. This summer was so much better than last year- I am so thankful. It wasn't exactly as productive as I thought, either, but my whole life philosophy is about setting the bar really high for myself so that I can miss it and feel humbled later (or something like that). 

What I Did Do:
- I saw lots and lots of friends, both with kids and without, and it was so great. I don't have close family where I live, so the fact that I have hit the friend jackpot is beyond lucky. 
- We went to Lake Tahoe for five days, which I hadn't planned on but am insanely glad I decided to do. Sawyer and I had the best time, while being super covid-safe.
- I read something like 19 books so far or something like that
- I taught Sawyer to swim
- I made sure that a few times a week Sawyer practiced his math facts, telling time, and did some comprehension questions (he is a huge reader on his own, but I just want him to practice some skills like summarizing, predicting, inference, etc...)
- I kept exercising and tried to add in more strength training and yoga
- I made sure I didn't lose my kid to screens... he probably played his Switch a little more than he did during the school year, but that's okay! 
- I worked on dog training Captain Energy McChewer. She has a long ways to go, but, as long as I don't give her away first, we'll be okay eventually (kidding, kidding)
- A few house things, including a new dishwasher, new shower heads, some tree trimming (done by yours truly), replaced a pool vac, and the shutter guy is coming tomorrow to fix a few broken... shutter parts? I'm sure they have a name.
- Cleaned out closets, went through some cupboards
- Ignored prepping for next school year (that's what the teacher work days are for!)
- Managed to get to some of the fun places we missed, like The Zoo and Knott's before they got too crowded. One of my favorite day trips was down to Torrey Pines to hike and then La Jolla for lunch
- I spent hours a day outside, whether it was twice daily dog walks, almost daily afternoons by the pool, hiking, friend dates, or parks, I got plenty of Vitamin D.
- I finished my Lego Tree house!
- I made some progress on my symbol-a-bool embroidery hoop
- Started feeling better about saying no... No, I don't feel comfortable hanging out with this person and her friend I don't know inside... No, I don't need to feel guilty about initiating contact/dialogue with people I shouldn't have to... No, I am not going to drop everything right this second to go do X, Y, or Z for someone... No, I'm not going to reply to work emails the second they pop up... No, I'm not going to stay in touch with people from the past on social who I think are disrespectful to others... you get the gist. Because I can be opinionated I think people don't realize that I let others take advantage and make me feel guilty, but I do. I have a long ways to go, but I feel tougher.

What I Didn't Do:
- Join MasterClass
- Blog more
- Clean every square inch of my house
- Create new hoops for my Etsy Shop
- Help my son be a better bike rider
- Catch up on my year-in-review book 
- Sleep more
- Watch more (seriously, I still haven't finished the Friends Reunion or The Flight Attendant... all I watch if maybe 2 hours a week of The Office so that I can listen to The Office Ladies Podcast)

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