Five Things About... Chronicle of a Death Foretold

This was my sixth time reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novella and will be my fifth (I think?) time teaching it to my IB students. Here's why I love using it in the classroom so much:

1. It is the perfect introduction to magical realism. The examples are plentiful, delightful, and useful to understanding the text as a whole, as well as Marquez as a writer. 

2. There are so many thematic concepts to cover that really get the gets involved in analysis- honor, family, violence, authority, gender issues, etc...

3. Marquez's writing presents so many opportunities to dive into several stylistic elements, including foreshadowing, irony, imagery, and more

4. Sex! Violence! Scandal! My students are seniors, so they can handle maturely talking about these issues, which obviously interest them.

5. This novella serves as a great vehicle for discussing form and function, since it's narrative style is a bit untraditional.

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