Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

I'll post more about it soon, but I finished Clarissa Ward's On All Fronts yesterday and was so sad to be done. It will be a contender for my top ten list of the year, I think. I just started Murakami's Kafka on the Shore, which I am sure will be excellent, but I find it slightly hysterical that I thought now would be the time to begin something challenging.

Twenty of my fifty-four books so far this year have been non-fiction! That's nearly half! I think last year I tapped out around fifteen, and I'm assuming I'll probably read 5-10 more nonfiction before my January, so that's a pretty large increase. 

My son started getting homework this week, and, traditionally, a second grader should get around 20-30 minutes a night. He's been getting closer to an hour... sigh. I think the issue is that his teacher adds a lot of video content before the actual work and maybe doesn't realize how much time it's taking. I don't want to be the annoying teacher-mom who says something, but it's making the time between work and dinner pretty miserable. He is good about sitting down and doing it, but after a full day of school and knowing he's missing out on play time, it's a lot towards the end. Hopefully the kinks get worked out. 

We have for the first time EVER Back to School Night at the high school were I teach (done virtually). Here's the thing- parent contact is important and I know the lower grades do theirs every year. I am pretty sure turn out will be extremely lackluster, since it's also the first home football game, so I am screwing up my entire evening because of it. Luckily my husband works at home right now and can help with my son, but still. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. 

I have fallen back on the single-use K-Cup train again and I am so ashamed. I have been using the reusable ones you fill with ground for years, since it's cheaper and better for the environment, but now that I am in such a hurry and I have a Keurig I am using in my classroom, I caved in and bought some. Global warming is all my fault, I'm sorry guys. 

I listened to the Armchair Expert with Quentin Tarantino the other day, and, I kid you not, he claimed that he "punctured the consciousness of the zeitgeist." First of all the phrase is brilliant and the English teacher in me practically crashed her car swooning. Second of all, could his head be further up his own ass? 

I need a new audiobook, since I have a long, solo (!), car trip ahead of me soon. I'm so picky about what I will listen to, since it can't be something I'd read. But if I deem it inferior it can't be that bad, since I can't stand to listen to something that's complete crap. There's a fine line. 

I've been doing a lot of daydreaming lately about paying off all debt, including the house early (Dave Ramsey has a great calculator). I paid off my student loans earlier in the year, my car will be next, and then the HELOC. I still fantasize about getting a little RV, but then once in awhile I daydream about investing in a little condo somewhere in Tahoe or towards Yosemite (obviously this is all under the guise that our financial situation and health stays the same; I've been in plenty of situations where it's all about staying on top of the current bills, so this is not me coming from a place of being spoiled). Honestly, this is what it feels like to be old. 

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