Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. A few weeks ago I was in the totally awesome/totally overpriced Anthropologie and fell in love with one of their headboards:

2. I am so very, very glad that social media wasn't really a "thing" when I was in high school and even college. Yeah, there was email and AIM (remember AIM? Ha! Away messages!), but nothing like today. I can't imagine juggling the whole popularity circus with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (oh God), Tumblr, and texting. As a grown-ass adult it seems a bit too much at times, I just can't imagine it as a hormonal, sensitive teenager.

3. I really hate the phrase "date night" when describing going out with your husband or wife. It's not a date. Dating was what you did when you weren't married. Once you're hitched it's called Friday. Or Saturday. Or Tuesday. Just like when you take care of your own kid it isn't called "babysitting."

4. Thank you Mother Nature for the weather. Sweaters in the morning? Open windows when I get home from work? It's been swell.

5. My youngest younger sister is coming this weekend! I'm excited- I used to see her all the time when she was local for a year of college, but since she moved back home I only see her a few times a year. Good times will be had.

6. I've been reading Michael Ondaatje's memoir Running in the Family for work and am really, really enjoying it. My students are thankful for a reprieve from Shakespeare, so I'm hoping the book will be well-received. I read Divisadero by him several years ago and really liked it, so I'll probably by picking up some more of his books soon.

7. Unless you're my mom or husband please don't call me. Texts are awesome. Facebook messages will do. Emails will suffice. But unless someone is dying or you've broken every single finger on both hands, please just don't. I hate talking on the phone- the awkward pauses, the accidental interruptions, gently trying to end the conversation, listening to background noise... It's just all bad. Plus it's harder to multi-task.

8. I hate how you can't complain about passive aggressive people without being passive aggressive yourself. See what I did there?

9. People, going to work or school sick does not earn you any points! If you are sick DON'T TELL ME! You don't get some sort of badge of honor for toughing out the day. There is no prize. I'm not going to congratulate you. I know we can't stay home every time we have the sniffles, but if there's a fever involved STAY THE FUCK HOME. If there's excessive about of bodily fluids coming out of your various bodily holes STAY THE FUCK HOME. We're entering cold and flu season and I cannot get sick, thankyouverymuch.

10. I have this thing about needing the last book I've read before book club to be the book club book. Our work book club as been "reading" Catch-22 for months and we pushed back the next meeting a few weeks (which is fine, since I'm busy), but that means I have to keep dragging out finishing it.



  1. Love the head board!
    There was a big campaign on our campus a few years ago asking the students not to work in hospital when they were sick. I am not too sure if it was successful, as I have fallen ill from other ill students a few times this year.

  2. I love that head board too! :)

    Omg, I totally agree re: #2. MSN messenger caused so much drama amongst my friends in high school, I can't imagine how bad it would've been had we had Facebook back then too O_o

    Same here, I hate phone calls. Whenever I've been giving my mobile number to people lately for school-related reasons, I've been telling them to text me first, don't call me. Don't mind phone calls from family or my two best friends though xD

    Have fun hanging out with your sister this weekend! :)

  3. #2 if I had social media in high school, I would have been even more insecure than I already was. In college, I would have been drunk/slut shamed on a week basis.

    #3 Married date nights do not exist. Almost as bad as Play Dates. Why can't your kids just play like we used to, without structure or obligation?

  4. #1- OMG love! I wonder if its an 'easy' replicate to DIY.
    #3- I agree with you on the whole babysitting thing. Esepcaillywhen the dad's are all I have to babysit the kid tonight, no. your the parent, its called parenting.
    #10- Being one of the only one who actually reads in my book club, I feel like I should just be given the right to pick every book.


  5. Word on the social media thing. I made so many impulsive, emotional claims as a teenager that I would probably DIE if there was evidence online to refer to. I'd rather just pretend that my awkward years never existed.

  6. #1 Love Anthropologie but glad there are no stores in Australia or I would buy ALL THE THINGS.

    #2 Agree. Just to show how very old I am, we didn't even have email when I started working full time. I mentioned this to my 16yo babysitter one day and she just looked at me like I was from another planet. "But how did you do your work?" she asked me. I explained that we used couriers to take floppy disks to other people (!) and also used the fax machine all the time...

    Social media worries me for kids but forcing myself to be active so that I can keep an eye on my kids! I always say to them, don't take photos, don't email stuff, don't film stuff that you wouldn't want shown to me or shown at school assembly. Have also made my kids ask people's permission before taking photos with their i-devices. Honestly though, it's a minefield and we haven't even reached the point where there are parties/ drinking/ sex involved. Eek.

    #9 Yes, particularly if there's spew or poo involved. Don't even come near me (or if you do, I'll assume you're willing and able to come to my place and nurse six people as it spreads through my family).

  7. Haaaa, AIM! Oh, I loved away messages. Twitter should have away messages. Actually not, but I just feel nostalgic about it :)

    I think married couples use "date night" as in a special night to get dressed up and go on a REAL date, like dinnerandamovie, instead of just staying home in their pj's watching Family Guy reruns. Or just a set night of the week to hang out together, which is important for busy couples (especially parents). I totally support the idea there, anyways... and I can't think of anything to call it besides date night! Hmmm...

  8. I can totally connect to falling in love with the over-priced merchandise at Anthropologie-- I just want to decorate my whole house with their pieces. And, speaking as a teenager in school, #2 is one of my greatest obstacles as far as being a productive student-- it's really hard to resist all those sights when you have to do most of your homework on the computer, and they're just a click away. Plus it's kind of sad that most drama happens over facebook instant message instead of face-to-face. I feel like if people just talked in person it would be so much easier to sort things out and not blow them up.

  9. I posted a Food Edition! Glad you're linking up :)