Eight Days a Week...

If there were eight days in a week (preferably the eighth day being an extra weekend day...) life would be so much easier. Granted I do start getting sort of technical about things- does that mean we'd have fewer weeks in a year? Or would years be longer? Can we do that, given the whole movement around the sun thing? Alas, you get the gist: if I had more time. 

The reason why I don't:

[oh, just the bird's eye view of a weekly to-do list]

If I had more time there are many, many things I'd love to do, some book-related. For example, I'd love to really be a Goodreads participant. I log much of my reading here, but it would be neat to be part of the community and to see the stats and whatnot at the end of the year.

I'd also love to start a blog Instagram account, for just book-related pictures and thoughts. Unlike my personal one, it could actually be public and I'd have the opportunity to interact with people on the more visual side of reading. Plus, what bibliophile wouldn't love an excuse to take my book-ish pictures?

If I had that extra time I'd finally order a huge piece of corkboard so I could mount the map I've had for a few years where I'd track how globally I was reading. I'd be able to choose a space and figure out a system. At that point I could properly chastise myself for not adequately expanding my horizons. 

I'd do more rereading! The other day I was talking to my students about Isabel Allende's House of the Spirits and it occurred to me how darn long it's been since I read it (1999, as a pre-IB sophomore in high school). While I do tend to lean towards the "life's too short to reread" sort of mentality, there are some titles I'd like to revisit. 

I would also start accepting review copies again, something I've basically stopped doing completely. It was of course fun getting free books, but I found myself feeling really guilty that I wasn't getting to galley copies in a timely manner. I'm a ruler follower (well, at least sometimes), and I also tend to lose motivation when I feel obligated to do something (at least this sort of thing). I liked reading first time-novelists and being able to post positive thoughts on their hard work. 

I also might consider some blog server or visual changes- maybe move to Wordpress and maybe pay a designer to do a facelift (this is what I did for this current look several years ago- it was affordable with a premade template and while I still love the current look, sometimes it's nice to have a fresh do, ya know?). 

Alas, there will never be eight days. Sure, eventually I will have more time, but for now I'll just keeping doing what I can. 


  1. If only! Even without more time, I'd venture to say Goodreads might be the most do-able. Depending what you want to use it for, doesn't have to be a huge time-suck. The app is much better than it used to be too, so that definitely helps being able to update on your phone.

  2. I hear you. I was so excited about Litsy and with everything else I have going on, I neglect it. I post pictures on Instagram but rarely get the time to like pictures on there anymore. I think the only thing I keep up is blog commenting. The other avenues of socialising online have fallen to the wayside for me.

  3. Eight days in a week...three day weekends...more hours in the day...I'd take any of those! I know I stay home, but having my husband home for an extra day every week would be so, so nice. I love Goodreads and I totally think you could add that into your life without it being much of a time suck. I like updating my progress as I'm reading book, and I love keeping track of the books I read, what genre they are, etc. And of course, seeing what my friends are reading. But it really doesn't take up much of my time even though I use it almost daily (well, at least on the days I read).

  4. It's funny because it was the opposite for me: I have my blog Instagram account but for the longest time was debating on a personal Instagram account xD

    I wish we had three-day weekends. Not that that's much of a help in my case given how all over the place my schedule can be, but it would be nice...