Coming to Terms

I'll be honest- I'm not one of those teachers who spends time during the summer preparing new activities for their students or starts stocking up at the back-to-school sales for cheap notebooks and pens. Nor do I say things like "I'm actually starting to get excited about the new school year" or "I can't wait to start implementing common core." I love sleeping in, spending days by the pool, and just generally doing what ever the hell I feel like all day long. Nonetheless, this "summer for LIFE" attitude is starting to cause some serious psychological roadblocks, making the idea of returning to work downright unbearable. I finally said to myself the other day, "Self, you can either wallow in this end-of-the-summer funk or you can put your big girl panties on and deal." It's a tough road, guys, but together we can do it.

Mission: brainwash self into thinking it's okay summer is over

Lemonade out of lemons:

1. When the house isn't spotless I'll have a legitimate excuse. 

2. I may start remembering what day of the week it is again.

3. My students are actually cool kids and we spend a lot of time laughing in my class (now it they paid me to arrive at ten to just sit around shooting the shit until two we'd be in business).

4. Three words: free air conditioning. See also: less money on TP, water, and electricity at home.

5. I won't have to constantly arm myself with the "you should've been a teacher" retort when those not in the profession gripe about having time off.

6. I can once again arm myself with the "I have to grade" excuse to get out of whatever I want. It's for the children, after all.

7. I'll spend less money, since I won't be gallivanting around Southern California going to lunch and other fun places with friends. I'm so tired of having fun, anyway, it's such a shitty way to spend your time.

8. I won't have to worry about people thinking I'm a stay-at-home mom or homemaker when I'm at Target at ten in the morning on a Tuesday. 

9. We're that much closer to November, which means the start of time off, baked goods, warm drinks, and cooler weather. 

10. My bladder will be back in fighting shape, since I can't just walk five feet to the bathroom whenever I feel like it. 

11. I get to boss people around all day. Admit it- telling people what to do is fun. 

12. I'll get to catch up on The Nerdist podcasts while sitting on the freeway for thirty minutes after work each day. 

13. Saturdays and Sundays will once again regain significance. 

[staff t-shirt idea?]
Ten more months until summer vacation.

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