Afternoon Delight

It's my goal for the school year to try to leave as many Sunday afternoons and evenings as I can as free as possible. Today I spent the afternoon by the pool with a stack of reading material.

What I learned:

Glamour- I'm too old for this magazine (despite 44-year-old Jennifer Aniston being on the cover). I picked it up on a whim last week and have decided that I will probably never gain anything from this magazine. I've already nabbed a guy, I'm aware of how the professional world works in my industry, and I'm never going to mix my patterns, no matter how cool it is.

In Style- This is just the opposite- I may not be old enough for this magazine. Or maybe it's just not rich enough... I'm crossing my fingers that their prediction that cozy, comfy, slightly-dressy sweatshirts will be in this fall.

Student Personal Statements- I had my students write rough drafts of their personal statements for their college applications and have been grading them. Many of my kids have had really, really rough lives- my heart has been broken more times that I can count.

Macbeth- Starting Act 1 (again), I realized I prefer teaching Shakespeare to reading it; unfortunately they're quite connected.

Italian Ways- I'm still plugging along at this nonfiction text about the trains in Italy. It's slow but fascinating. It's taking me back to my trip there and making me want to return.

Catch-22- I'm reading this slowly since our English department is still trying to figure out when we're going to meet. Hilarious as always.

"On Compassion"- I read this short essay by Barabar Lazear Ascher that I assigned my AP students to read in order to start instructing on effective use of pathos in writing.

Four hours by the pool reading and eating Trader Joes Apple Straws? I'll take it.

Read anything great this weekend?

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  1. You're too old for Glamour? :( How old are you?