Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. When I go to Bevmo or Starbucks for beverages should it come from the household account or my own personal one? It's partially because of the household I go to both places... My husband could care less, so this is really my own debate. 

2. I just had to pause to stop my son from drinking out of the dog water. Again. He has a cup full of perfectly good water three feet away. He moved on to repeatedly put his fingers in Chomsky's mouth and then get on him and yell "vroom vroom!" 

3. I had planned on going to the Los Angeles Festival of Books at USC on Saturday with Sawyer to just walk around (I have a feeling a nearly two-year-old might not want to listen to TC Boyle of whomever for an hour in a lecture hall) but it's supposed to be rainy and I have found myself hoping that the weather is bad so I can stay home. So, I think we're staying put. 

4. I have been letting more than one person make me feel inferior lately, some of which have done it intentionally, some not (at least I don't think so). I know Eleanor Roosevelt says we have to give them our consent, but I'm not so sure I entirely agree with that supposed wisdom. Maybe I feel like it releases the aggressor and puts too much of the blame on the person who feels poorly. But, on the other hand, sometimes you have to just grow a pair.

5. An old student brought me cake today at lunch that she had made for a teacher's baby shower. It was unexpected and perfect timing. I'm always a little weary of homemade goods by students (you've seen those news stories about teachers unknowingly getting high off brownies left in the staff room), but she's a good one so I let it slide.

6. I am reading The Opposite of Loneliness by the late Marina Keegan and it's a different experience than normal. On some level I feel like I'm reading something by a gifted student; someone young, a little unpolished, but full of promise. So while it's different from what I read at home, it's also very familiar.

7. I accidentally bought my son a elementary-aged novel. I was so excited to see Peter Brown's new book, The Wild Robot, that I preordered it without really reading the details. Whatever. I'll read it to him while he's falling asleep or in the bath. 

8. I'm going to a Don DeLillo reading next month with  friend, just like we used to do several times a year before we both had babies. I haven't gone since seeing Mindy Kaling last fall, so it's about damn time.

9. I saw a post on Facebook where someone knew someone who just packed up and left on a trip with a one-way ticket. They had no real obligations, but to just be able to pack a bag, grab your passport and go? I wish I would have done more of that before Sawyer (except not the one-way part). I had the time and I had the means, but I was always too busy being responsible fiscally or otherwise. The good news is that in a few years I might be able to wander just a tiny bit, with sidekick or without. 

10. I know I've been making a lot of typos on posts lately. When it becomes my job I'll be more careful, I promise.


  1. Do you go to the Los Angeles Festival of Books every year? I've always wanted to go, but it's a bit far for me. I'm be going to the Bay Area Book Festival in June though. Not a bad consolation prize :)

  2. 01. Good question; I think ideally I'd personally split it between purchases made for household and those for myself, but that would be too confusing, especially when it comes to looking back on the month and sorting bills =P That being said, is it cheating if you just put it down as household to keep things simple and resolve the debate? xD

    06. I definitely remember feeling that sense of promise as I was reading her stuff...

    09. I always wondered about those people who could just pack up and go like that. Yay for the good news about being able to wander for a bit in a few years! =)

    10. I do that waaaaay too often myself; I'd see a post go live and kick myself for missing a typo xD

  3. #2 -- If it makes you feel any better, by son recently learned how to stick his hand in the toilet. As if he doesn't have plenty of other things to play with besides gross toilet water. UGH.

  4. Ah, just grabbing a bag and taking off sounds wonderful...wait, I could even do that now, since I'm "retired." LOL.

    Any food and beverage can come out of the household account, IMO. Go for it!

  5. 1. Can't tell ya...we have one account, but I do put coffee purchases on my credit card so my husband doesn't actually *know* how much I spent on coffee takeout ;)

    7. Eventually, your son will be elementary aged so it's all good, and like you said, you can still read it him or to yourself :)

  6. I preordered The Wild Robot as well, and I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about it than my son is...

    I'm having a work issue like #4 right now. It's tough. I don't know what to think about it, other than I need a serious break from things (which, of course, will not happen).

  7. I see that you do many little things to bring happiness into your life. That is good. Maybe some sort of armchair traveling complete with recipes, music and great books would be partly satisfying for now?

  8. I see that you do many little things to bring happiness into your life. That is good. Maybe some sort of armchair traveling complete with recipes, music and great books would be partly satisfying for now?

  9. I'm a little late linking us up. Been so busy with work and life!

    I can't believe all the rain we had last weekend, but I enjoyed it since it's such a rare occurrence and we really need it here in Southern California. I've been to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books twice and I'm not a fan. The parking is a complete nightmare and the crowds give me hives. I prefer an individual book signing, and we seem to get a lot of authors coming through our area.