March, Revisited, Plus April

I am a data, detailed, list-oriented person... to a fault. Because of this, at the beginning of each month I write one of these posts looking at the goals I set for myself the previous month and make more for the upcoming month. 

I have noticed lately that I'm struggling a tiny bit in terms of... I don't know. Productivity? Energy? Positivity? March was full of some highs and lows, so I guess it's only natural that sometimes I don't physically or mentally feel like going seven thousand miles an hour. For that reason, April is going to be more about catching up, having fun, and somehow resting. 

In the meantime, March:

1. Make a tough recipe: Yes I roasted a chicken and made a bunny cake (from scratch), so while neither are super challenging they required  a little more foresight than normal.

2. Weigh xxx pounds: Probably not I've been staying away from the scale the past week because of vacation. 

3. Deal with house stuff: Yes This ended up being more costly than we intended, but I guess that's part of being a homeowner. 

4. Yoga once a week: Ha! No.

5. Read a book I've had for at least two years: Nope

6. Watch a documentary: No Like I said, it's hard for me to commit 90-120 minutes, and if I have that kind of time I work out or read (I don't have the TV on when Sawyer and I are home in the afternoons and early evenings... it's my only time to hang out with him and other than the occasional Curious George episode, I prefer it off, but that's just my preference because I hate the extra noise and distractions... Legos and coloring are hard work). I should just do it in a few chunks, I guess.

7. Catch up on my 2016 photo book: I need new ways to say no...

8. See the butterflies: Yes! We had a lot of fun going down the San Diego Safari Park in Escondido. 

9. Walk the dogs more: Yes We still have a lot of progress to be made, though. But I definitely did better in March.

10. Plan some fun things for April: YES! I think we have something fun every weekend going on, but I've made sure to leave one day free so I don't go crazy. I need to plan things to look forward to; it's as vital to my mental health as exercise. But, rest is also essential, as is the time to catch up around the house. 

Scaling back a bit for April...

1. Prep my students for testing: My sophomores take the AP Language test and my IB seniors also take their exam, both towards the beginning of May. I want this month to end and feel like I did my part. This means getting them back more graded work, ending our current units of study, reviewing content, and sharpening skills. 

2. Plan something for Sawyer's birthday: My little guy is going to be two, and while we had a decent-sized party last year, Scott and I plan to take him on an outing to somewhere like the aquarium and then just have cake and gifts at home.

3. Book map up: I have a book map for my students at work, so they can pin the settings of their books to see how internationally they read. I have the map and pins at home and would like to get it up, just to see how my own reading pans out.

4. Curb 3-7pm snacking: I'm really good about eating pretty healthily until I get home work, and then it's game on. It's a combination of hunger, boredom, and stress, and it's bad. 

5. Finish my audiobook and choose a new one: I'm really pushing things hard this month, in case you can tell.. 

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  1. I find it incredibly hard to fit in much TV watching at all, especially if you like to read (which obviously we both do). I basically have to choose one over the other, which means I'm so behind in movies and TV shows (we don't have cable, just Netflix). We removed the TV from our main floor so I don't have it on during the day unless we go deliberately to let Sully watch a show, which does happen often, but I too can't stand background noise from a TV. It gives me anxiety!

    And oh man - yes, later afternoon/evening snacking is the hardest to cut out! Good luck in April!