Weekend Update

I'm not necessarily vowing to make these a regular thing, but it is admittedly kind of a nice way to end the weekend and determine how the hell I actually spent my time. I swear, every Sunday night I'm baffled by how, well, how it's already Sunday night. So, here we are.

Yesterday I was up at 4:55, thanks to a certain little somebody who is trying to make me as miserable as humanly possible, and then the rest of the day was spent at work holding a practice exam, and then keeping Sawyer entertained with the sprinklers and park.

Today was pretty much constant activity, between meeting a friend for four miles this morning, braving Costco/Trader Joe's/Target with the church crowd, and walking the dogs. I did sneak away for an hour by the pool though, which makes me that much more impatient for summer. 

The only thing making Monday tolerable is the 17,000 calorie Costco muffins I bought for the first time ever. And rumor has it that most of the senior class will be calling in sick tomorrow... tis the season. I don't even remember my senior ditch day! If I wasn't so overworked I'd reenact it tomorrow since I'll be down to only two classes. If only.

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