Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Oops:
Christine: Man, I'm doing really well budgeting this month, after everything I'll still have $xxx left after putting money in savings.
Anthropologie: You should buy this dress.
Christine: Okay.

2. I'm trying to drink more iced tea and less Diet Coke and Starbucks (ha), so while I wait for my cool little iced tea maker to arrive (because that will make this whole plan that much better, right? A new kitchen gadget?), I made some the old fashioned way. The tea bags are so effing annoying. Just shut up and stop trying to make me happy already. 

3. Point of clarification- when I included Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up in my last post on humorous books I was completely kidding around. She is very, very serious, I just thought the book and the whole "does this bring you joy?" thing was funny.

4. My drink, and new afternoon snack several days a week, is green. I don't even know who I am anymore. I'm drinking spinach? That is disgusting. 

5. I just finished Padma Lakshmi's audiobook Love, Loss and What We Ate and while I think she still seems a bit stand-offish at least I can see why now. She's had so many blows, although a great deal of success as well. I just stared Trespassing Across America by Ken Illgunas, and so far, so good. I love an epic hiking story. 

6. Confession- today was one of those very rare days that I've really struggled to do what I've needed to do and be who I've needed to be when I got home from work. Honestly, I don't want to play Legos. I don't want to go on our normal walk. I don't want to label seventy-six things that are sweetly pointed to with the question "what?" Listen, kid, we've been over it- those are the dog's ears, that's a llama magnet, and it's a bulldozer in your book. I don't want to clean up the kitchen, unload the dishwasher, think about dinner, or even wash my hair tonight. All I want is have my husband get Taco Bell on the way home, then go upstairs, get into bed and read until I fall asleep. But instead, I put on a smile, played with my kid and made small talk with the neighbor. Dinner is started and there's a load of laundry in the washer. But I still don't want to do any of it, and I feel guilty... but not enough to actually want to do any of it.

7. Sometimes I worry when people I think are intelligent individuals "like" things by various members of the Kardashian family on Facebook. Or they really fans and don't realize everyone can see their guilty pleasure? Are they being ironic? Or are they maybe not as bright as I thought? Unsettling.

8. My third period on Monday's senior ditch day- *crickets*-

9. This weekend should be pretty great. We are taking Sawyer to the Aquarium of the Pacific on Saturday for his birthday and plan on opening presents and eating the Curious George cake I am going to magically have time to bake and decorate that night. His birthday isn't until Monday, but weekdays are too hectic and Sunday he and I are meeting one of my old high school friends at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. Birthdays are exciting again when you have kids (after like twenty-seven I think they start falling into the "just another day" category).

10. The other day I was thinking about a temp job I had between first and second year of college working at this industrial chemical company. All I did was sit at a desk and when a request for a label came through I filled out this little form, printed it out, and stuck it in a file. It was SO boring and I felt like I had to look busy for eight hours a day doing about two hours worth of work. I have forgotten what boredom feels like, is the moral of this story, I guess. I have no desire for that kind of job or to feel so unchallenged, but I totally wasted those valuable hours flipping between the company's invoice page and various news websites. 


  1. 4. I just can't 'drink' my food, regardless of taste - give me the chance to chew, please.
    7. Same (but when people said that they thought FSoG was a good book).
    10. Yet now, somedays I'd love a job where I got to sit quietly in the one spot!

  2. #6- I can totally relate. Some days I just want a pause button or someone to take over.

    #9- I'm confident that not only will you get that cake baked, it will be awesome as well! :)

  3. Is it bad that I wish they would do an 8th grade ditch day here?

  4. That "tidying up" book makes me smile, because it does sound so silly...but I guess there are some for whom that resonates. To each her own, right? (But I'm not one of them!).

    I had some boring jobs working my way through college, and I fantasized while doing them...mostly about how great it would be to have my REAL job after college.

    Well, the one I got afterwards wasn't boring, that's for sure...but sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Major stress! Also satisfying, but it still gives me nightmares, and I've been retired for a while.

    Sorry...that green drink looks disgusting!

  5. Sometimes, it's nice to get home and not have to do aaaaanything you don't want to. Kudos to you, though, for "adulting" your way through it even though you didn't particularly want to!

  6. As far as I'm concerned, #6 makes you normal. If you always wanted to do those things every day I'd label you a robot (like an actual one, not just name calling).

    I drink green smoothies, as do my children. I like knowing we do more than I like doing it. I've found that adding a bit of orange juice plus strawberry greek yogurt to mine helps it out (I don't know what you're blending, maybe it's already in there).

    Yeah, Anthropologie... I bought a striped shirt there for $58 recently and kind of considered it a bargain. Nowhere else would I even look twice at it.

  7. I am trying to up my savings too. I've been broke for far too long. More on that in my blog post:
    I think Marie Kondo's book was serious but to talk to my things and thank them for supporting me - that is kinda funny. But I guess we do have to have a good sense of humor about these things.