Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[you slept all day, Chomsky. How are you still tired?]

Happy Wednesday (or something like that)! Link up, link back, say hi.

1. I've determined that with one cup of coffee and a typical night of sleep it takes me approximately two hours to not want to die. Luckily, the only real human interaction before seven am I have is with Sawyer and the daycare lady, both of who I can suck it up for. 

2. Monday was a shitty day. Facebook reminded me of a horrible accident that had happened at our school site two years ago (I'm considering taking a break from Facebook, it's lame and it mostly just irritates me, but... I don't know), I blew something out of proportion (in my head) at work, and my husband came home sick with the flu. So, after Sawyer went to bed I got on the treadmill, turned up my headphones as loud as they go, and ran faster and harder than I've ran in years, to the point where my lungs hurt for a few hours after. But then I feel better and went to bed. I need to push myself more.

3. I just ordered this wooden ruler height chart for Sawyer from Etsy and can't wait to put it up in his room and obsessively make him stand in front of it so I can see if he's growing or I'm just making shit up.

4. The Counting Crows and Rob Thomas are touring together this summer and my brother and I are going to hopefully get tickets when they go on sale Friday. It's one of those shows that you  know won't necessarily be musically groundbreaking, but just really fun. My brother is the the best person to go to concerts with. A few years ago we saw Matchbox Twenty with the Goo Goo Dolls (hello, high school!) and we had a blast. We've also seen Metallica, which was also a good time. My brother is the type of person that's up for anything. If he's free he'll basically do anything. Want to run a half marathon that's downhill, Josh? Sure! Want to do a fourteen-mile hike up to Half Dome? Yeah, sure. Josh, will you drive to Modesto with my crazy toddler and I this summer? Sounds good! He's the best. Thank God he doesn't read this. 

5. Watching a toddler eat a tube of yogurt is one of the grossest things ever.

6. I received an unexpected compliment the other day from someone who I am never quite sure likes me, so that was nice.

7. I need to stop buying books. In the last three days I've ordered two after reading reviews by trusted bloggers (The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzalez and Pain, Parties, Work: Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953 by Elizabeth Winder). But in the last few weeks I think I've picked up six other ones? Or maybe eight? It's out of control. 

8.  Every year our attendance clerk puts together a packet for the graduating seniors that consists of little snippets from some of their teachers. I try to write them for at least half of my students, and I think I definitely surpassed that today. It has actually been really, really hard. Some kids I almost know too well to publicly say good bye or commemorate the year (or whatever we're really supposed to do), some kids I thought I knew well but now can't think of anything unique to say about them, and some I'm worried that I'll mention some anecdote and they will have forgotten what I'm talking about and it will be weird (although they are graduating, so what do I care? Ha). I'm probably over thinking the whole damn thing, but with my mentality it couldn't possibly go any other way. 

9. I saw this online the other day and loved it:

10. I decided to host a practice test on Saturday for my IB kids and while I'm not sure how many will show up from 9-2 on a weekend, I'm admittedly excited to have some time to sit, basically uninterrupted, and grade papers or cleanup my classroom. Sunday I finally get to hang out with a friend who I am in DESPERATE need of seeing. She is the type of person you can be completely honest with and she'll be honest right back in a totally unoffensive, thoughtful way. We both have like three months worth of shit to unload, so if she cancels on my I'll probably have a nervous breakdown. 


  1. I looove Rob Thomas! I hope you get tickets! How fun :D

  2. 1. I don't 'do' Facebook (and never have) and yet, amazingly, I've survived (and am surrounded by true friends who I actually talk to, as opposed to 'friends' that make you feel shit).

    7. Three words: book buying ban. Mine is going well and really hasn't been as hard as I thought (and I'm becoming quite discerning...).

    9. True.

    10. I have a few friends like this. We literally write agendas so that we can get through all the shit.

  3. sometimes I think I will ignore FB for a while, but then I don't...but honestly, I enjoy it more for the groups and random info (cats, running etc) pages I follow vs the people I'm connect with...haha!

    My shitty day was yesterday - Wed...I left work so angry, I was even beyond many things went wrong and people who talk to me like I'm worthless/useless and unimportant...and did I mention the teacher cliques here? Seriously, people need to grow up.

    I need a friend like yours...oh heck, I just need a friend...who am I kidding?

  4. I have the same problem with book buying...I loved the book Pain, Parties, Work: Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953.

    If I receive a compliment from someone I'm not sure likes me, I will probably think he/she is being sarcastic. LOL.

    I remember when I only had the one child, my firstborn, and everything about him and his growth was an obsession of mine. It's normal, I think!

  5. Chomsky is adorable and I love the meme about maturity; I think it's very true.

  6. It's great seeing those friends that you can just be yourself with and unload! Your dog is so cute in that photo. My dog is the same. She's always yawning and falling asleep, even though she sleeps all the time anyway. It's adorable though!

    That's awesome your brother is down for almost anything. Mine is pretty much like that too, but he lives in another state, so I don't get to see him as much. My sister is pretty good at doing the crazy things i want to do though and we love concerts!