Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I am sitting here waiting for a general contractor/roofer guy to come look at a leak in our porch overhang area and he's late. The baby isn't napping and I'm pacing around ready to toss the dogs outside in preparation. But yet... nothing. The first day he was supposed to come he called a few hours ahead of time and rescheduled. Fine. It happens. The second time he flat-out didn't show or call. Today's the last chance. He's coming highly recommended by one of my husband's family members, but I don't know... Nonetheless, the fact that we have a leak is bugging the crap out of me and I want to know how much this is going to cost to repair. It's also bugging the crap out of me how unprofessional this man is.

2. Pet peeve: when you really like a shirt or dress with some sort of design or applique on the front and you turn it around and it's completely plain. Willingly pay a few dollars more to complete the circle. Example, this dress:


3. I might make this cake on Sunday, but given the fact that my husband doesn't eat cake I'm not sure what I'll do with the whole thing. But honestly, sometimes baking and cooking is more about the cathartic process, rather than the end result. Although, if you're baking to be happy and the end result blows, you're not doing yourself any favors.

[Sally's Baking Addiction]

4. Does anyone have a chalkboard wall in their home? Is the chalk dust crazy? I think they're neat (and have no clue where I'd put one), but I've always wondered.

5. I completed a month of PiYo and can definitely say I am liking the program. I'll do a mini-review or whatever in another month or six weeks, but so far so good. Nothing crazy (I'm not half my size or ready to enter body building competitions), but it's fairly effective.

6. Ohmygod, he's STILL NOT HERE. This is the sort of stuff that irks me to no end. Hello, technology? Can you not call me and say you're running late? Or did you forget AGAIN? I get it, we're a small-potatoes job, but I'm still a potential client with potential big-potato jobs in the future. Seriously. Plus, I'd like to change out of my work clothes into sweats, thankyouverymuch.

7. Last night was a "bad night," shall we say, thanks to the crazy baby, so when one of my eyes started hurting on the way to work I wasn't surprised. I figured I may have had something under my contact and the exhaustion was making it worse. It didn't go away all day and, come to find out, my contact was torn almost in half. Nice. I also thought I forgot my phone today, drove home (I was only five minutes away at the time) and woke my husband up so he could call it. It was in my car the whole time. I also made the wrong copies for my first period yesterday. And did I mention the contractor being MIA?

8. My husband graciously agreed to take some Valentines Day-esque pictures of Sawyer for me, and this is one I took over his shoulder. His are, of course, much better, but this one still makes me smile.

9. and 10. My thoughts are so completely consumed with rage at this contractor I can't think of anything else. Seriously. Well, rage and guilt as I watch Sawyer chew on coasters since his negligent mother is typing on her computer and yelling obscenities at the phone (the guy didn't even text me back when I asked about whether or not he was still coming today). 


  1. I definitely agree with #3 -- I love baked goods, but sometimes I want to bake and don't really want so much of whatever it is I'm making (a whole layer cake, an entire batch of cookies,whatever) Luckily my husband's co-workers will eat just about anything so there is always a place to send extras.

    And that picture of Sawyer is adorable!

  2. I absolutely HATE waiting for people to show up...I think I've ranted about that a time or two...LOL. In my experience, though, contractors are the WORST. I once hired someone to paint my house...and it was spring, with the bad weather behind us. In a three-month period, he only showed up eight days...and each day was a late start and an early leave-taking.

    I fired him, of course, but should have done it sooner. Good luck!

  3. I also agree with #3. And there is nothing worse than contractors that are late/don't show up, except when they finally show up and don't take off their shoes and make my clean floor all dirty again.

  4. I hate waiting for contractors! Grateful when they do, but still, I hate wasting my day especially if I was planning to do other things too. And goodness that cake, looks delicious!!

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