Sawyer at 8-ish Months

[a sleeping baby on my chest is one of the best things ever]

It's been two months or so since I wrote about Sawyer, so I'd thought I'd jot down a few things since he really is the reason why my reading has suffered. Plus eventually when I do his baby book these will come in helpful, I think.

First Christmas
Christmas this year was so much fun. I know he won't remember it, but whatever. I will. We followed through with our 25 Christmas books- we read one a day starting December 1st and finished up on Christmas day with my personal favorite, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Most nights after his bath we'd sit by the tree, he'd play with his ornament and I'd read. When it came to the actual holiday he was predictably more interested in the paper, bows, and boxes. We worked hard to not go overboard (that included talking to family members, which can be... awkward) and to be really thoughtful. We got him a wagon, which he loves, some toys, and he received a ton of books from people.

Sawyer cut his first two teeth on Christmas, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, in reality. He drooled up a storm for the few weeks preceding and chewed on everything he could get his grubby little paws on. Night time sleeping did suffer, though, but not just because of the teething...

Sawyer slept in his swing the first two months of his life, but when we found out he had torticollis we transitioned him to his pack-n-play in our room immediately. He took to it within a few days and was even putting himself to sleep, lasting 6-7 hours at about 3 or 4 months old. The main reason why we kept him with us was because of the typical heat in our area; we ran the whole house fan at night so we needed the windows open. There was no way I was letting him sleep in the front of the house in his room alone with his window wide open all night. So, he slept with us. Then, when the teething kicked in and he was sleeping horribly we decided to try out the crib. He was already pissed, right?


Rookie mistake, I guess, trying something so new while he was already uncomfortable. After a week of fighting it it (he had one good night and I was so excited) we let him move back in (along with his new stupid turtle night light). Last night we slept for over eight hours- he's not going anywhere.

I have to note that this has been a huge "me issue." I feel this intense sort of pressure to have him sleep in his own room, like I'm not a good parent if he's not in his crib sleeping soundly for 8-10 hours. Honestly, we tried to let him cry it out in his crib one desperate night and I totally couldn't handle it- I was in the other room crying along with him. I've done research, talked to other parents, read books, and bottom line- I just can't do it. The anxiety it caused both of us was just unhealthy. If he needs to sleep in his pack-n-play in our room for awhile longer, so be it. I have started to have him nap by himself, though, as opposed to on me like he used to, and that has been a nice break and is good for him. Bottom line: sleep is the key to everyone's happiness in this house.

I'm still breastfeeding, but he does get two "meals" a day of brown rice cereal and baby food. We're introducing a lot of "people" food, though, and he's game to try just about anything. The other night he had some of our minestrone soup and he spent quite awhile feeding himself rice last night. His fine motor skills have gotten a million times better in the last few weeks, which has been fun to watch.

Moving Around
This kid has very little interest in crawling or scooting. He rolls like a boss and is able to pivot himself to change direction, though, so nothing is safe on the floor (including the dogs). At physical therapy (he goes once a month on a sort of maintenance schedule) we worked on helping him to get in crawling position and also standing, so that's our homework this month.

Happy Baby
This kid is such a happy little guy- almost every day this last week when I get out of my car at daycare I can hear him talking and laughing from inside the house. He's always chattering and is so amused by the littlest things. He's not a crier, and when he does it's always for a reason (maybe not a valid one, but he doesn't just cry for the sake of crying). I feel like he's starting to develop a personality, and sense of humor, which makes everything ten times better.

Mom Stuff
I'm still constantly struggling with balancing work, fitness, Sawyer, my social life, my hobbies, and keeping up with all the domestic bullshit. I guess that's just going to be how life is. I'm excited, though, since a few of my friends are pregnant (or have babies), which means play dates (i.e. socialization for moms) will be a thing in the next few years. Everyone is coming over to the dark side.

My husband has been mostly working at home since right before Sawyer was born, but he will return to an office this week to work there full time (Sawyer has been in daycare full time, though, since my husband is busy during the day). While I am so happy and thankful for this opportunity for him, I am a little curious to see how much things will change around here during the week. I'm actually excited about having a reason to get super organized and maybe a little more structured.

I've also started to think about practical things for the future. We need to take out life insurance policies, think about a will (or at least some sort of arrangements), and look into starting a college savings plan. We don't plan on paying for his entire education, but I'd like to have something to get him started, at least.

- Puffs/eating in general
- The dogs
- Bathtime
- His daddy (all Scott has to do is walk in the room and Sawyer laughs)
- Swings at the park
- Going our to eat (he loves restaraunts)
- Obnoxious toys
- Playing the guitar with dad
- His big stuffed bear, Teddy Roosevelt 
- Drinking from Mason Jars (oops)
- Singing/music/weird noises 
- Walks/trees/being outside 

- Getting out of the bath
- Clothes that go over his head
- Getting into his carseat
- Riding in the car at night
- Having his face or nose wiped


  1. Ha, Sully hates getting out of the bath too (well, he hates the getting dressed part), and he still hates clothes going over his head. And no easier way to piss off a baby than by wiping his nose!

    Did you ever think, pre-baby, that sleeping would become such a huge issue in your life?! Some days I feel obsessed by it, by trying to read everything I can on it, trying to figure out it all out and solve all of Sully's sleep issues. It's exhausting! And just when I think we have it figured out, everything changes anyway! At the end of the day, I just want to get some sleep! I know it's hard to not be hard on ourselves, but who cares if Sawyer still sleeps in your room. Society has such high expectations on our little babies to become so independent so soon. Let them be babies. At least he IS sleeping!!

  2. My babies all slept in our room (in their own bassinette and then later a cot) until they were at least 12 months. I just liked having them near. Don't feel you 'should' do anything you don't want to when it comes to Sawyer - he's your baby! I always say 'happy mother = happy baby'