Mail Call Ya'll

I love the word "ya'll." It makes me think of Britney Spears, which then makes me laugh (she ran around with a shaved head and an umbrella, people! The woman is hilarious). Plus, it rhymes with "call," which was convenient. Anyway, I'm going to skip the "oops I've done it again" nonsense and get to the point- I got a few new books in the mail yesterday.

1. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote- I feel not one ounce of guilt over this one, since it's what my AP sophomores are reading this summer (very excited to teach an AP class, by the way). Our department chair chose the novel, and I am actually excited she picked something I haven't read before. It seems pretty high interest, so I'm optimistic. Oh, and bonus points for the $9.00 tax-write off.

2. Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie- Another novel I didn't choose but am excited for, this one being for book club. It's gotten some great reviews and seems like it will a smart, intense read.

3. Into T
hin Air by Jon Krakauer- I'm a sucker for free shipping, so I needed something to push me up to $25 and this has been on my wish list for a long time. I purposefully didn't read it before climbing Half Dome last year (it's about the Everest Disaster), but I don't anticipate any crazy hikes or mountain climbing anytime soon, so I'm safe.

Three books farther away from reading all the ones I own.


  1. "Three books farther away from reading all the ones I own."
    That pretty much sums up my book acquisition experiences. I do more of that "free shipping" buying than I care to admit. Then there are those darn Friends of the Library book sales!

  2. Love the quote at the end. So true. I just ordered two from Amazon that I know are gonna push everything else back. Oh well. worth it.