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I'm becoming a blog hop whore. I know, I know, it's the lazy way out, but it's fun and it lets me find new blogs and interact with new people. And instead of money, this hoe-bag earns new readers, without the STDs, so that's nice.

This blog hop is from Crazy-for-Books and asks:
What is one genre you wish you could get into but just can't?

I would really like to "get into" graphic novels but have yet to take the plunge. It has
taken me a really long time to accept the fact that these are actually literature and more than just Archie comics, but they are. Look at The Watchman- it has achieved great critical success and has made countless "best of" lists. I feel like I am missing out on an innovative genre that I could probably use to connect to some of my high school students.

I think there is also something to be said behind the art behind graphic novels- to be able to convey emotions, actions, thoughts, and setting through those itty-bitty boxes is impressive. Combining that medium with words to create a story cannot be easy. Graphic novels tackle heavy issues regarding politics, history, and social concerns. The genre deserves my attention.

I think the "novel" part throws me for a loop- a novel is pages and pages of words with very few pictures... supposedly. Reading a graphic novel would require me to change my prototype for the word "novel," which is something that has been cemented in my brain for over twenty years. But, it is a new year's literary resolution, so in the next five months I will be pushing aside my issues and giving it a try.

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  1. Thanks for visiting me. I have started to try graphic novels but only because I think they are the key to hooking reluctant readers. As a teacher, I need to have some selections for parents.

  2. I love this answer! I hadn't even thought about graphic novels when I was making my post, but I have a lot of the same feelings you do. They feel like cheating to me, but I know that's not fair, or true. I should try one... ;)

    Hopping by from the hop...

  3. graphic novel is a blanket term for all sorts of genres fiction and nonfiction that have more pictures than words. I have a bunch reviewed on my blog.

    Since last week's pie chart about where I get my books was so popular, I thought I'd share what types of books I do read. Please stop by to see which genres I don't typically read.

  4. I understand the issue with graphic novels and novels. I'm an avid reader and had a hard time just being interested in graphic novels since I was more interested in the narrative than the imagery. My lovely partner, who is an artist, just recently started reading them pretty regularly, and he's definitely more interested in the graphics (which makes sense.) I still haven't read a tonne of them, but I really, really enjoyed both Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman. Both have really strong narration.

    Good luck!

  5. Dark Horse has a lot of really interesting graphic novels. Speaking as the graphic novel/ comic book nerd that I am.

  6. Hi! New Follower! How do you like In Cold Blood?

    My Follow Friday!

  7. I don't think I've ever read a graphic novel. I should do some research and find one that sounds interesting to me. :)