Books on Your Back- Off With Her Head!

While I must admit to never reading one (historical fiction isn't really my bag, um, baby- I had forgot about that movie until this exact second), I know for sure there are many, many books on poor Marie Antoinette. This sweatshirt from Threadless definitely captures her ultimate fate. What's cool is that when you zip it up, you bring her back to life. It's like playing God.

She's alive!
And now she's dead.
Oh, wait, back alive!
I could go on all day.

And, speaking of shirts, I won one! I really don't know if I've ever won anything cool before, except a mooing cow that spit out bubbles at yearbook camp last summer, so I'm psyched. Thanks to Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri for the shirt from her experience running for the Tosh.0 show (until it airs all we know is that it involves many, many people in a park on treadmills... oh, the irony).


  1. I am so jealous you won the Tosh shirt! I love this hoodie! Hilarious!!

  2. I'm a big fan of historical fiction! And this sweater--love it. Just fantastic. I saw you won the Tosh.O shirt, awesome!