Quality Has Left the Building

When you hear most authors discuss what goes into their novels, you hear the measurement of time "years" being used. They draft, they write, they delete, they edit, they start over- they bleed, they sweat, they cry. It's like childbirth (or so I hear).

Apparently not for James Patterson. I just read an article in The New York Observer that said Patterson has signed on for a 3 and a half year, 26 book deal with the publishing house Little, Brown. Thirteen of the books are for adults, while thirteen are for children. The article goes on to mention what we already know- Patterson doesn't actually write his books, but instead employees a team to follow his formula.

A formula. Novels written according to a formula. Ugh. All to make a few bucks- it's a business. For Patterson, it's all about the quantity- quality has left the building. And these books will make millions of dollars, while truly talented authors that do their own work have to keep their day jobs. It's sickening.

Comma Boy sums it up brilliantly in his comic (his website it full of humorous comics about the industry- check it out):


  1. So sad, but so true. I pretty much gave up on Patterson a long time ago. So many more interestin books out there to read.

  2. Ooooh my gosh, that comic is frolicking hilarious!!!
    I did always wonder how he could write a book each week, but I never suspected him of cheating- I suspected him of having no life... It seems like they should say it's written by James Patterson's Minions. I've been deceived.