Books on Your Back- LeVar Burton is the Man

I've talked about my love of Reading Rainbow before (not counting how they'd always leave you hanging and tell you to go to your library to check it you- like my five-year-old self was going to hurry up and write down the title or remember it until I begged for a trip downtown), and this shirt from Threadless made me think of it. Oh, and it's $10. Not too shabby- I may actually buy it (well, depending on shipping costs- cheapskate alert!).

By the way, LeVar is now 54. I have a strange urge to do a little investigating and see what the man is up to. Stay tuned...


  1. Yes! Loved reading rainbow as a kid! I still hum the theme song from time to time--how it gets stuck in my head I have no idea.
    By the way--I got my shirt from your giveaway in the mail, it's fantastic. Thanks again!

  2. I believe I was already in collede when Reading Rainbow started. It was a wonderful program though and did help to make reading "real" for so many children.

  3. Let us know if you find out how much the shipping is! It will affect my decision to buy it as well! Hahaha. Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? Levar had a cameo in it not long ago!

  4. I ended up buying that and my husband a shirt for $20 and shipping was only $5!

  5. I remember watching Reading Rainbow!